CAL Association is a national, non-governmental organization, initiating and implementing educational programs to support the activisation and development of local communities. Our work is based on animating development – supporting (always in an educational way) local leaders and animators to mobilize, educate citizens for being active.

The association was brought to life to strengthen the basis of civic society in Poland, support sustainable development and promote participatory approach. CAL Association is a highly respected and well established organization, which, thanks to professionalism and high quality of the educational and training offer, enjoys the confidence of both public authorities, and the specialists environment.

Started in 2000 and thanks to great effort of hundreds animators in Poland, CAL is a strategic partner for NGOs, institutions on local, regional, national (also for government – CAL is a part of system projects run by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy or Ministry of Regional Development).


The CAL Association is a member of the National Federation of Non-governmental Organisations, Combined Bureau for Social Development (CEBSD) and the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS);

A team of experts with extensive experience in local community animation throughout Poland – more than 100 trainers, specialists in adult education;

About 100 communities have achieved the CAL Certificate of Quality;

The CAL Association has published over 40 publications on local community development.

Trainers, experts, supervisors from CAL stay strongly connected to local communities (most of them are leaders of local organizations and institutions).

Our projects:

  • Local Activity Centre – model and network
  • The School of Social Animators – educational system
  • Active Communities – platform of organisations cooperating on behalf of local community
  • development
  • Neighbourhood Movement – network and education for neighbourhood associations and groups
  • The Radlińska Institute – laboratory of analysis, reflection
  • Creating and Developing Standards for Welfare Services and Social Inclusion
  • Decide Together – Building Mechanisms of Social Participation in Self-Government Authority
  • Mazovian Laboratory of Social Integration
  • The Library Development Program
  • Community Center PACA 40



Centrum Wspierania Aktywności Lokalnej CAL (CAL Association)

ul. PACA 40, 04 – 386 Warszawa

mobile: 607 737 545